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Inspiring stories from our Pancreatic Cancer UK Community 

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"I decided to take on the 24 challenge after my mum passed away due to pancreatic cancer earlier this year and my younger sister was diagnosed with the condition just before my mum died. My sister has had to endure many sessions of chemo and is now preparing for an operation which will give her a better quality of life. I plan to run 4x10k (which is slightly over 24miles) with my last run taking place on the 23rd November which would have been my mums 80th birthday. The courage my sister and mum have shown throughout their time with the cancer will certainly help drive me on to complete the challenge and to raise awareness and vital funds to fight this illness."


"I'm fundraising to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer. My Dad died in February this year after being diagnosed in August 2019. He was a fit and healthy 75yr old who loved walking and was an umpire with the English Cricket board and well thought of with young and old. He never went to the doctors, always saying I'm fine. But when he did go with symptoms he was told he had food poisoning! He lost his battle in February this year after 5 months. I'm dealing with this by raising as much as I can by running every day in 2020. My aim is £5,000 and I'm at about £4,600 with 6 weeks to go! I love and miss my Dad so much, this is such a horrid disease."

The McKendry Clan

"Our amazing mammy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of this year but thankfully her cancer was diagnosed in the early stages and therefore it was possible for surgery and she was strong enough to come through it and is now finished a tough 12 sessions of chemotherapy. We definitely feel that she is one of the lucky ones. We are so grateful and because of this we decided to take part in ‘Take It On’ and raise much needed funds for this worthy cause. We have raised a phenomenal amount of money and thank you to everyone who donated. We are overwhelmed by the support from you all "


Almost 2 years ago my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Its symptoms are very difficult to notice, with the lowest survival rate of all common cancers. Only 24% of those diagnosed in the UK survive the next year. A few weeks ago dad was told his body couldn't take anymore treatment and his care became palliative. And then last Thursday we got the craziest news ever - his last CT showed he is somehow cancer free.
It's been the most amazing, emotional and unexpected thing in the world. Everyone is a little mind-blown but we're so grateful. Dad's cancer could always come back, but for the first time in a long time we have hope. Hope is something pretty difficult to find when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but Pancreatic Cancer UK is a charity aiming to change that. They've done so much for my dad and work tirelessly to advocate for patients across the country.
This Thursday (Nov 19th) is World Pancreatic Cancer Day and I'm going to be dyeing my hair purple for Pancreatic Cancer UK!


"I am Taking On Challenge 24 because my Dad was diagnosed August last year after he turned yellow and had constant itching. The doctors said that he was able to have the operation to remove the cancer. When speaking to the specialists afterwards, we were told that if Dad had left going to the doctors by 2 months, he would not have been able to have the help he did. Thankfully Dad is 6 months in remission. We know how lucky we are to still have him with us."


"We are running a mile a day for 24 days to raise funds. My friend Tina lost her mother to pancreatic in 1982 after many visits to the doctor and 3 months after diagnosis. My mother-in-law died in 2009. Same story, many visits to doctors and in much pain.  We are now in 2020 and people are still sharing the same story. I was lucky to have completed successful treatment for Breast Cancer as funding has enabled research and improved diagnostic and treatment. This should be the same for Pancreatic Cancer."


"I am running 200km throughout November. The aim will be 5 x 10km runs a week - this will be a massive challenge for me and I hope my legs can take it. I am doing this in memory of my lovely dad who sadly passed away to pancreatic cancer 10 weeks after diagnosis 6 years ago. I had never heard of pancreatic cancer at the time but now I will never forget it. I hope to raise lots of money so others can benefit from research."


"We are taking on Challenge 24 because me and my children feel it’s so important to raise funds to research this horrible cancer and to help other people not to go through what we have had to go through. My husband lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this April. He was only 69 and we were looking forward to our retirement and enjoying time together and with our two children and grandchildren. He was never ill before this. He worked as a probation officer for 39 years and then was a victim support volunteer. The district nurses called him the gentle giant. Due to this horrible virus we were never given the funeral with family he should of had, we feel we have never grieved properly or celebrated his life." 


"My beloved mum Joan, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in December 2012 and died just ten weeks later. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in November 2018 and the medication has caused osteoarthritis - until recently I could barely walk up the stairs. I am walking 24 in 24 4 Joan, so have set myself a 50-mile target, a massive personal achievement for me. Those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer MUST be given the same care and opportunities as the majority of other cancers, so it too can become treatable."


"I held a spectacular Charity Ball in memory of Stuart Hogg and raised an incredible £18,054!!"


"I held a Curry and Indian dancing charity night and raised £170 in memory of my Dad" 

The Circle of Eight

"We hosted a private cinema screening of Rocketman and raised £5,471 in memory of our dear friend, Gillian"


"I hosted the Puple Ladies day in my community for a few years and in 2019 we had the biggest purple day ever and raised £6,904!!"


"I hosted my annual Golf Day in memory of Julian and we raised £4,166!" 


"In Scotland I organise a Cars and Coffee day in memory of two family members I have lost to pancreatic cancer. At the last day we raised over £5,000!"