Do you have a question for our fundraising team? Take a look at our fundraising FAQs below and we may be able to answer it for you. If you don't see the question you need to ask, then call our fundraising team on 020 3535 7090 or email

How can I send my fundraising to you?

Thank you so much for fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Any donations that have been made directly to your fundraising page will be sent automatically to us. If you have offline funds to donate: 

  • You can make a donation online here.

  • You can pay the money directly into our Barclays account. Contact the team on to request our bank details.

    After paying in your offline donation please email with your name, the date and amount of the donation and what it relates to so we attribute it to your fundraising.
  • If you cannot pay using the options above, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘Pancreatic Cancer UK’ to: 
    Pancreatic Cancer UK 
    Westminster Tower 
    3 Albert Embankment 
    SE1 7SP 

Please make sure you enclose a note to tell us a bit about your fundraising event and contact information so we can thank you appropriately. 

How can I personalise my fundraising page?

We always think it is a wonderful idea to personalise your fundraising page, not only so we can then all be part of your fundraising journey, but you’re also more likely to reach your target if you share you story and updates about your fundraising.  See below for our quick and easy guides to personalising your page…

How do I add offline donations to my page?

Please contact us on 020 3535 7090 or email and we can do this for you.

Do you have any promotional materials?

Having promotional materials is not only a fantastic way to decorate your fundraising event but also helps to raise vital awareness. Check out our form here to order your materials and make your event a huge success!

Can I use your logo at my event?

We have a special 'in support of' logo that can be sent to you to use on any materials that you would like to create. Please email with details of your event and a member of the team will be able to help.

Don’t forget we also have a range of branded materials that you can also request using our order form.

How do I publicise my event?

Publicising your event is a fantastic way to let your community know all about your fundraising and raise lots of awareness. We have written up some fun tips for you here.

Can someone come and speak at my event?

We would of course love to attend all of our supporter’s events, but we are a small team and so are unlikely to be able to attend every fundraising event. However, we can definitely write you an amazing speech and create you a fantastic video from the team at the charity if these are needed. To talk about this further, please drop us an email on

Are there fundraising rules and regulations I need to be aware of? 

Yes- you can check out our information about fundraising and the law here. Or give us a call on 0203 535 7090 to chat about it.  

Can I have a letter of authorisation to collect money and prizes for Pancreatic Cancer UK?

A letter of authorisation outlines that you are holding your fundraising event in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK. When hosting a raffle, contacting companies for prizes or letting a venue know you are hosting the event, an authorisation letter is key. Email for more details.

What will you do with my data?

You can find out more by reading our privacy policy here and data protection policy here