Running 24 miles in 24 days

By Niamh Keatings

I am fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Pancreatic cancer is tough – tough to diagnose, tough to treat and tough to research. And, in the uncertain times we’re currently experiencing, things have become even tougher for people with pancreatic cancer.

I’m taking on Challenge 24 at home to raise money for this vital cause. 

Please donate if you are in a position to do so. Together we can make a difference. 

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My Updates

2 miles done this morning-24.5 miles done 💖💖

Final miles complete folks 💖💪

3.5 miles done this morning, 1.5 miles to go


2 miles done this morning

5 miles left to go 💪💖💖

Thank you 💖

I received a phone call today from a staff member from the pancreatic cancer fundraising team. She said I am the top fundraiser currently doing the challenge and they are "blown away" with the amount raised so far. 

The amount of friends and family who have donated and supported this challenge has been nothing short of amazing. I started off with the intention of raising £240 for pancreatic cancer research-that quickly soared and is now over £1000.

It's always been my nature to try and find a lesson in every situation and to try and do something productive to help others. This has been an emotional time, but the amount donated will certainly help someone in the future. I'm absolutey certain of that. Thank you everyone for supporting this

Niamh xx

2.5 mile done today 1 mile done yesturday

Completed 1 mile run yesturday

Completed 2.5 mile run this morning-7 miles remaining to complete the 24 miles in 24 days 💪💖

1.5 mile run done

1.5 mile run done this morning, 10.5 miles left to go 💪💖 All evidence on personal Facebook page. 

P. S... Never beer the night before a run 🤣

12 miles done half way mark ❤️💪

2 mile run done this morning which brings us to 12 miles done, 12 miles to go 💪💖
All evidence on personal Facebook-fitbit log and sweaty selfie. The back sweat on my t-shirt says it all.👕

Have a good day everyone and thank you for all the support so far. Blown away ♥️

1.5 miles done this morning, 14 remaining

1.5 mile run completed this morning which means I have completed 10 miles in 6 days 💖💪

14 miles to complete by 24th May. Have a great day and thank you again to everyone who has donated🙏💪

2.5 miles done 💖💪

2.5 mile run done today, tried a new route and had a gorgeous view of black mountain ⛰️💖15.5 miles to go

2.2 miles done

Good morning-another run done this morning (2.2 miles) First real run in the rain, the cool down was needed 😂☔

18 miles remaining to complete by 24th May 💖
I have added the fitbit log of my run today and a sweaty selfie to my Facebook Page.
Thank you for everyone who has donated. Legends 💪

1.8 mile run done this morning. 20.2 miles to go💪

Good morning everyone-1.8 miles done this morning. I had intended on running 2 but I had a workout to make at 8am and it was tight lol. Again all evidence on my personal Facebook page, a sweaty selfie and a picture of my fitbit (it logs the length of the run.) 

20.2 miles to go 💪💪💖 Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. Have a great day 💓

2 miles down

Morning guys, day one went well and I ran two miles 💖
22 to go. All evidence is on my personal Facebook page, a sweaty selfie and a picture of my fitbit to show the run 💪🔥
Thank you for everyone who has donated. Love yous all xo

Getting ready

Guys thank you so much for supporting me even before my challenge has begun. It starts on May 1st until May 24th- I'm very excited :) And my word is my bond, I will run every mile I have promised to. 
I will keep you all posted as I chip away at the 24 miles :)


Thank you to my Supporters


Unison Mater Hospital

Amazing Niamh!


Unison Northern Ireland,regional Committee.

On behalf of UNISON Northern Ireland, Regional Committee.


Craig Mahoney

Go Niamh! Sending you love on the winds to propel you. You’re an inspiration as always. Xx


Unison Omagh Health Branch

Niamh proud so support the fundraising Denis was a great friend to omagh and fermanagh health branch..


Tony Keatings


Dorothy Hunter

Hello Niamh Alan and I are so proud of what you are doing to raise funds for this terrible disease. Keep going Niamh. We are right behind you.


Unison Bch Branch


Unison Northern Health


Unison Craigavon Branch

Well done Niamh. A donation from his Comrades in Unison Craigavon Branch. Thinking of you all x


Carol And Graeme Fairweather

What an incredible job you have done! I am sure your Dad would be extremely proud of you - as we are


No Limits Fitness

Well done Niamh we are all so proud of you


Larry Martin


Unison Derry Education Branch

Rest in Peace kiddo. Thoughts and Prayers from Derry Education branch.


Eilish And Geraldine Linton


Gerry B

Well done niamhers, we are very proud of you. Keep up the good work xxxxxx xxxxxx G and L Mizzy


Ciara Morris


Sinead Sheppard


Margaret Keatings


Grace Connolly

You are just amazing Niamh, me John and Cara are all behind you xx


Richard May

Proud of you, Niamh




Cathy Mcbride

Well done and for a great charity


Denis Keatings

Very proud of you Niamhie xx


Colette M

You got this girl. Step by step. 💗


Patricia Keatings

You have reached your achievement! Well done very proud :) x


Emma Linton


Laoise Fitz

To the wonderful woman who puts so much effort into bettering everyone and everything around her xx


Melissa O'hanlon

You got this girl. ❤💪


Mairead Keatings

Good luck kiddo, you're some girl 💜 x


Cecelia Boyle

Great idea Niamh - best of luck! Xx


Alistair F

Fantastic effort Niamh. Brilliant


Grainne Carroll

Good Luck ❤️


Denise Morgan

Good luck Niamh ❤️❤️


Leighann Mccourt

All my love Niamhy. You should be so proud of yourself xoxo


Lyn Mccrudden

Well done Niamh amazing 👏💜💚


Louise Oprey


Aodhan And Maisie Keatings

So proud of you auntie Niamhie 👏💜


Meabh Porter


Joe Donaghy

You can do this Niamh xx


Barbara Mageean

You are an inspirational young woman. Never stop. Your star will only get brighter x


Janine Dougan

Well done you xx


John Keatings

Go Niamhy 💪🏻


Roger T

Well done, a great effort for such a good cause!


Colette Murphy

Well done Niamh am sure your dad would be extremely proud of you. As I know Elaine is.


Martin Maxwell


Richard Beggs

So sorry about your dad, take care in this terrible time for you all PS. I work with Elaine


Mairead Magennis

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️


Thomas O'halloran


Gary Crossan

Well done Niamh, 24 beers in 24 hours in ours after this lockdown.


Dee Keatings

Well Done!


Nichola Steele

Amazing job Niamh your Pops would be so proud xx


Joanne Forsyth

Well done Niamh, I also believe it is good to do something positive to help get through this difficult time! I am sure your Dad is very proud. Keep going until the end, Joanne (Christy's favourite Aunt) xx


Deirdre Mccaffrey

Well done niamh


Aishling Mcgarry

Well done super proud of you and your achievement xx


Margo Saunders Saunders


Ann Rooney

You can do it Niamh I’m so super proud of you! ❤️❤️


Nuala Conlon


Roisin K

Well done wee sis xx


Philomena Devlin


Karen Craig



Christy Adams

Well done niamh. Your doing the family proud x


Grains Murray

Well done 👍


Roisín Curran


Vicky Davies

good luck!


Rebecca Power

Well done Niamh, you’ve done brilliant and should be so proud of yourself!!! xxx


Rosaleen Donnelly

So glad to give to this cause hope u get ur target so sorry to hear about ur dad he was a true gentleman All the best xxxx


Aine Vallely

Go can do this 👏👏


Ann-marie Scally

Well done Niamh, great cause :)


Mairead Magennis

Good luck


Anne & Olivia

Well done Niamh 💖


Elaine Bowman

All the Best Niamh ❤️


Anne & Harry

All the best ❤️ x


Aine Brennan


Traceyanne Richardson


Meabh Mckenna

Well done. Keep the spirits up xxx


Maria Mcdonald

Well done Niamh 👏🏼


Grainne Lawless

Amazing work Niamh, super proud of you xxxxxx


Aoife Maskey

Good luck Niamh. You’re doing amazing!


Sarah Floyd

Good luck with this challenge


Angela Gribben

How proud is your Pappa today. Well done x


Patricia Maskey

Keep it up girl, you’re doing great. 👏👏👏


Bernadette Devlin

Good luck Niamh! X




Raymond Elvin

Fantastic cause. You go girl.


Deborah Yapicioz

In memory of Denis


Chloe Corbett

In my thoughts and prayers


Catriona Harvey

Your doing great 😁💪x


May Craig


Eimear Keatings



Gabrielle Carton

Well done Niamh a great cause.


Christine Magee

Your a star, keep going Niamh your Daddy would be very proud💖💙🌈xx


Eileen Heart


June Doherty

Great effort Niamh. Greetings to Denis from me. xx


Katherine Mervyn

Thinking of you Thelma at this awful time. Sending lots of hugs ❤️, Kathy aka Louise xxx


Joanne Mcgreevy


Orla Bell

Well done girl! Super proud of you xx


Deirdre Mccabe


Michelle Mcgreevy


Eddie Patterson