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I am fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to my fundraising page for Pancreatic Cancer UK where I will be running 100 miles over 24 days in the month of January.
This is something I have become very passionate about after recent events in our family and I really hope this can help other families in the future

I decided to take on Challenge 24 for Pancreatic Cancer UK as I lost my Auntie Charlotte to pancreatic cancer in November after a very short time between diagnosis and her passing.

For my challenge 24 I have chosen to push my running to the  limits and will be running a total of 100 miles/160KM over 24 days in the month of  January. 

I am really pushing myself with these numbers and I will be forever grateful if you can help me reach my target and help us try to defeat this horrible disease.

Pancreatic cancer is tough to diagnose, tough to treat and tough to research. Please support me and help make a difference to pancreatic cancer.


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Just like that 🤷🏼‍♂️

And it’s come to an end!  24 days - 113 miles complete - 2 stone lost and £2000 raised! Thanks to everyone for the support! 

Such an amazing achievement in my life and it’s all for Aunty Charlotte who we sadly lost in November 2020 due to this horrible disease. 

Love you lot and miss you 💖

1 to go 😅🏃‍♂️

The night before 😁 only 1 more run left and it’s going to be a big one tomorrow!!! Running from 12:30 keep an eye out if you see me in my West Ham Shirt 😁😁 

I can’t wait to have a nice break from running but to be up to £1500 in donations is amazing 😍 

Have a nice Saturday and bring on the final run 😁

3 to go 🏃‍♂️

Yess that’s right..... you only have to deal with these post for the next 3 days 😁 

Sooo the page has my 2 miles ahead but I am officially on 96.85 miles!! I am defiantly going to be finishing over 100 miles which I am buzzing about 😀 my Achilles and knees are begging me to stop now but I am just loving all this running especially with all the support I am receiving 😀 

Did something different yesterday with my friend Marcus and played some fifa which resulted in donations depending how many goals we scored! 

Looking forward to the big final run on Sunday which will be about 13k! Look out for me in my West Ham or purple T-shirt 😁😁

Rest day! 8 days to go!

Absolutely loving this challenge but don’t think my legs are 😅😅 

Seeing all my pictures with different people everyday is quality and defiantly keeps me motivated! Also a little shout out to my rest day buddy - Mr Steven Pawelek who gets dragged on these long walks 👀 

Massive milestone this morning with officially losing 2 stone since I started running in November 🤩 

And finally we are now up to £1034 in donations which is AMAZING 🤩💖 thank you soo much to every single person who has donated! It means sooo soo much 😀😀

Half way there 🏃‍♂️

12 days in with 12 days left 💪 we are officially half way through with a nice rest scheduled today! Starting to get a little bit tired now but we are still on schedule! 
Thank you to all the different people who have joined me soo far and to all the different people who have donated 👍🏻👍🏻 
Looking forward to getting back at it tomorrow 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Day 10

Tiredness is starting to kick in!! 

Good 3.92 miles today with craigooo on the 🚴 still ok track with where we need to be and also a massive achievement as now under 14st and in November I was 15st 10 💪💪🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Rest day

Nice rest day today! Mum pushed me to a 7k yesterday!  2 miles ahead of schedule and the donations are amazing! Loving my new T-shirt (it’s slightly big) 

Day 8!

Been a while since I’ve put anything on my donation page. 

I’m about a mile ahead of schedule and had many people joining me on my runs!! 

We have had a massive amount of donations and it’s been unbelievable :-D we keep going 

Day 4

Lonely one today but loved it! Managed to get an idea of what I wanna do for the final run 🏃‍♂️ 

Day 2

Joined by my sister and mum! We smashed 5 miles out in icy conditions! 

Day 1 complete!!

Here we go sooo it begins!! 23 days to go 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Donations Update!!

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! What an amazing start for donations!!! 

Thank you sooo much to everyone and bring on the start of the challenge in January :-D 

Thank you to my Supporters


Charlotte's Parents X X X

This is from Charlotte's parents who are very proud of you Harrison. They said Charlotte would have been very proud. X x x



Well done H - brilliant work 😀 and amazing cause xx


Dirty Design

Well done Harrison, a fantastic achievement, a worthy cause and Charlotte would be very proud. x


Mum And Andy

So proud of you H!! Charlotte and Rob will be looking down on you, smiling and wandering what the hell your doing!



We are very proud of you, all the best luv granny and grandad x x x x x


Peter Boucher

Well Done, Harrison


Granny And Grandad

Well done you here is our final donation


Lee Gleed


Marcus Littlefield

Keep smashing it H!!!!


Dad, Louise, Freddie, Charlie And Winnie

Well done from all of us, very proud of you and getting out there in this weather and involving so many others in the runs.


Ryan Downing

Well done on completing this huge effort! Very proud, keep up the running!


Sean Mcconnell

Well done to you and thoughts with you all.


Amanda King

Well done you 😉 xx


Alastair Painter

well done so proud of you !!!!!


James Richardson

Well done buddy - proud of ya ♥️


Jo, Dave & Lena

Nice one H! Your running is awesome and massively inspiring!xxx


Mohan Balusu

All the best H


The Fullers

Awesome effort H, made a lot of people super proud xx


Barbara Mills


Geoff And Ali

100 miles now, next step will be a marathon?


Marlborough Cricket Club

Absolutely fantastic achievement Harrison


Greg Phillips


Richard Hatton


Nat, Rob & Eva

Welldone H! Good luck!!


Andy Rawlings

Well done H! Excellent cause, good luck!



This is amazing HP, well done.


Jenny Evans

Good luck H!


Peter Day

Great Cause - Smash it


Barry And Val Rhodes

Well done Harrison, we are very proud of you!


The Maines

Amazing job HP - keep smashing it 🙌🏻


Vince Mc


Craig Bright

Keep smashing it brother your killing it 🔥🔥


Sophie Dessaur Williams

Keep smashing it Harrison 🙌🏼


The Beesleys Xxxx

Well done Harrison! Enjoy the finishing line tomorrow 😊😊😊 xxx


Giulie Vitalie-cumperj


Ivy And Derek


Emma Wykeham-martin

Keep on running 🏃


Ali & Jerry Ormsby

Charlotte & Robert would be so very proud of you- we are too x


Ian Pickering


Josh Lambdon

Good effort H. Will join you on a run for sure!


Mark Belcher

Great work mate - well done 👊🏻


Jack Ellis

Goodluck big man



Well done HP


Dale Richards

Keep going son 👍🏃‍♂️


Nick Crabbe

Nice work mate, good luck!


Emma Frost

Well done Harrison. Awesome work x


Eddie Gordon

Great work Boris 👏👏🏃‍♂️


George Fox

Well Done H!


Mark Richardson

Good effort H!



Great Job Harrison! Your Aunty would be super proud of you! 🥰


Dan Gardiner

Class H, Keep going lad


Painter Family

Good lad, worthy cause and close your heart. Lots of support from myself and Louise plus the Bros.



Go H good luck


Stuart Martin

Good luck Harrison, and what a great thing you're doing. Stuart


Mark Holmes

Well done and good luck mate!


Dan Coatsworth


Ross Paone

Smashed it!! You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished, fitness and charity wise!


Daniel Gausden

Run Forest, Run! Keep at it mate, great start, even better cause. All the best.


Simon Wells

Well done — now to see the added fitness showing on the cricket field!!😉


Lucie Pickering

Proud of you💕



Well done H great effort


Jamie Tunmore

Great effort H 👊👏


Hayley Hewlett

Well done H!! Amazing work


Amanda Skeldon

For Charlotte x A


Alison Millard

Well done Harrison. You’ve smashed this 😀💪🏼




Justin Lewis

Good luck Harrison, great cause.


Connor Hetherton

Great idea for a great cause. Keep smashing it mate !


Tim And Sarah Smith

Great effort mate !


Rob Atkinson



Top effort H!!


Chris Whiteley


Shane Spring

Amazing work mate! Especially for January with the weather, must be all proud and rightly so! 👏🏼


Paul Smith

Good luck H 💪🏽



Amazing thing to do well done! Charlotte would be so proud of you


Elisabeth Peters

Well done Harrison.


Matt Jones

Keep it going pal! Always here to help you along the way👍🏻


Mr Brett King

H, I know you will smash it, very proud of you for doing it bud, well done!


Devon Brown


Russell Holland

Good for you for doing this Harrison.


Martin Brown

Well done Harrison


Annemarie Bailey

Good Luck!


Ben Bryant



Mason Korol

Good luck mate, great cause!



Well done Harrison


Simon Lee

Keep up the good work. "Breath, follow the breath" and keep pushing through.


Sara Downing


Sally Keene

Loved reading your journey. Well done Harrison from the Keene’s x




Luke Johnstone

Legend H. Well done.


Jess Smith

Well done H! 😊


Cameron Gordon

Top work H, proud of you pal!


Liam Short

Well done Harrison! Great achievement!


Mike Bush

Congratulations H - top effort, well done!




Guy Clarkson


Ellie Morland

Well done! Xx


Martin Smithers

Good luck H!


Shirley Pearce

Well done Harrison


Ben Head

Well done h


Joe Hurd

Great work mate 👍🏼


Harrison Painter