Lockdown challenge

By Anna Turner

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My target 240 miles

I am fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Pancreatic cancer is tough to diagnose, tough to treat and tough to research. Please support me and help make a difference to pancreatic cancer.

Some of you may know that two years ago my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer . Thanks to the NHS surgeons ,nurses and researchers into this disease my mum has been blessed with two extra years after having a procedure called the whippels. 

The last two years haven’t been at all easy for mum but the NHS and Pancreatic  support groups have kept mum alive and she has been able to see her grandchildren grow up .

 Sadly the cancer has come back and my mum is now nearing the end of her life’s journey.  

This disease is brutal ,most of the time the symptoms come too late after the disease has spread . Also it is the lowest surviving cancer and not really talked about so people are unaware of what the symptoms look like .

Every day 24 people die of this horrendous disease , And I just can’t sit back and watch this happen to Anyone else’s loved one .

I hope you will support me , I am taking on a challenge as Pancreatic cancer doesn’t stop during a pandemic so neither will I .

 I pledge to raise £2400 for Pancreatic cancer UK ,helping to improve survival rates through more research and also raising awareness for earlier diagnosis .

I will be running 240 miles over the coming weeks to raise as much as I can .This in turn will help more people like my mum be able to access support groups and be able to get the treatment she so desperately needs .

Mum needs the NHS nurses more than ever now but due to the pandemic they are having to do visits over the phone . Face timing isn’t the same as hugging your mum when you know you don’t have long left but I’m just grateful we have that . 

Thankyou to all the nurses researchers surgeons every member of staff that have helped my mum so far . I hope we can together help others fight this awful disease . 

Thankyou for reading this and if you see me out and about please wave a bit of encouragement will be greatly appreciated. 

If you have a spare few pounds for running 240 miles then please donate below . Your donation means the world to me . Lockdown is frustrating for us all and a terrible strain on finances I know . However if I can do one good thing out of my time off work then this will be it ,please please help if you can .

Every penny really does count and your support will make a difference and save lives . 

Thankyou xxx

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Mission complete

Done ✅ 

Last run tomorrow

9 miles to go !

21 miles

Hopefully I can do this in two more runs 🏃‍♀️😀

57 miles to go

I am aiming to complete this very soon !

70 miles to go

70 miles to go ! Aiming to do this in the next few weeks 

Back running

After a slight foot injury and lots of rest , today I returned to my running route . 
Came home with 11 miles on the clock and feels good to be back . Mums at home doing well and enjoying the garden with Dad. Thankyou all for your sponsors so far I’m overwhelmed with all of your kindness . Thankyou so much . 

Mums coming home today !

The amazing nurses and care staff at St Giles Hopice have helped my mum and today she is coming home .💐🙏💐💖 

159 miles to go

Thankyou for donating I’m very close to reaching target🎯 please  keep sponsoring 🙏

Mum is now in the hospice

Today mum had to
Come into The hospice the nurses are wonderful and all Work so hard . Thankyou all
For your kind donations so far .

Easter runs

So far I have run a total of 47 miles over the easter week . 

Thank you to my Supporters




Geoffrey Turner

Darling Anna - Go girl, We’re so very proud of you, as always .. All our love, Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx


Dave And Stella

Good luck Anna our thoughts, love and prayers are with you at this heart breaking time. Be proud, be strong xxx


Patricia Shanahan

So sad to hear about your Mum! You're an amazing woman!!!! Run to fight this horrid disease. Much love to you, your Mum and all the family xxx


John And Maggie

Well done Anna, Gwen and Geoff must be so proud of you for doing this x


Anne And Barry Austin

Congratulations Anna for raising such an amazing amount for pancreatic research as a tribute to your lovely Mum and fellow sufferers. Well done and much love.


Martin Benjafield

Anna,You were there for me with my Mum, My Dad (Ron) also passed in 2004. (both Cancer. It is a worthy cause, good luck and best wishes.x


Ant Wise

Go Anna!!!


Gs Macaulay

Go for it, Anna! Good luck and best wishes in pounding the miles.


Christian Hawkins

Good luck on achieving your goal Anna. Your mum and dad are the best people and I know are so proud of you.


Mary Kosky

Well done Anna keep up the good work, you are amazing


David Wheatley

Good luck Anna. Praying for you and your family 🙏


Jenny Barham

Go Anna! You are amazing xx


Lucy Ricketts

What an amazing thing to do, we are all routing for you here! Sending you lots of love xxx


Stephanie Murphy

Best of luck with this inspiring challenge and worthwhile cause xx


Gill Taylor

Well done Anna - wishing you success. Keeping you, your mum & family in our prayers. Xx


Andrew, Suzie And Hector

Good luck Anna, we admire what you're doing, love to you and your Mum XX


Sarah Leach


Maralyn Smith

So sorry to hear about your lovely mum Anna. Run your heart out my lovely girl ❤️


Samantha Morris

You’re an inspiration, well done Anna, love to all your family x


Gillian Woodroffe

So sorry to hear your news Anna, keep strong xxx


Charlotte Theobald

Sending you all lots of love. You are amazing Anna and I know you will do this.xxx❤


Jan Leftley

Thinking of my husband who died from this 11 years ago. Now thinking of you Anna. X


Gail Melmoe

Well done Anna keep on running. My thoughts are with you all


Elizabeth Logan



I’ll be looking out for you Anna on my walk. Lots of love x


Paul And Mary Smith

Good luck Anna. Thinking of you Mary and Paul


Jen, Chris And Alice

Go Anna, Sending lots of love and hugs to you all. Jen,Chris and Alice xxx


Karen Smith

Keep going well done xxx




Lee Peace

Thinking of you all x


Philip Edwards

Thinking of you and your lovely Mum, sending you all lots of love. A very, very worthy cause xx


Sam Roper

Much love, the Roper family


Sandra Nathaniel

Anna what a wonderful thing to you. Well done lovely. So sorry to hear about your mum. My heart goes out to you. Xxxx. Big love xxxx


Pamela Bourne

Sending you, your beautiful mum and your family much love Anna, hope to see you on your run xxx


Sophie Moorton


Vicky Beard

So sorry to hear this Anna. Thinking of you xx


Monika Matthews


Donna Flack

Sending all my love and prayers to you and your lovely Mum (and Dad) xxx


Karen Betchley

Dearest Anna and family Lots of love from Karen and Kendra xxx


Richard Worsfold


Paulo Dos Santos

Best of luck Anna Thinking of you and family 💕


Fiona Kennard

From fiona Kennard Thankyou so much x


Susan Wallace

Good luck Anna! Sending lots of love to your gorgeous family ❤️


Barbara Riches

Good luck Anna. Thinking of you and all your family. Much love, Barbara


David And Louise Paul

Well done Anna, we're thinking of you all.


Maggi Cheetham

Such a sad time for you Anna, sending you love and hugs xx


Kathleen Bryan

We send our love to your family, good luck with the challenge. Xx


Lindsey Summerfield


Pam Storey

Only just found out about your challenge. From one runner to another, keep going and stay safe.


Karrel Layland

Thinking of you and your lovely family. Love always ❤️❤️


Jayne & Gary

Thinking of you all x


Fiona Gray

So sorry to hear about your mum Anna, go n run your socks off...sending lots of love, Fi,xx


Amanda Home

Sending lots of love to you and your family Anna...xxx


Catherine Hill


Sabrina Grinsted

You go girl - well done!! Thinking of you and sending lots of love! ❤️❤️


Kim Mariani

You go Anna you little force to be reckoned with! Lots of love kxxxxxxx



Good luck Anna! Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time xxx


Elissa Mighall

Have that hug with your mum if you can! Love to you! Good luck your doing amazing 💗


Jennie Cooper

So sorry your family is having to deal with this at this already stressful time. Stay strong xxx


Joanne Todd

Good luck, & all our love, Jo Noah & Isaac x


Jackie Annals

My love to you go girl all the best and thoughts to you mum ❤️


Lisa Moore

I am so sorry to hear about your Mum Anna. Sending you all love and wishing you luck for your challenge xx


Kate Morton

So sorry to hear your news. Heartbreaking. Sending you all the love in the world xxx


Danny Fox

very sorry to hear this news Anna xx


Lucy Sengelow

Sending love to your beautiful Mum, to you my darling and your family xxx


Ruth Frost

Good luck Anna and Anna's Mum (and Anna's Dad)


Kim K

Wishing you all the best and so sorry about your mum.


Lucie Mccann

Congratulations Anna xxx


Angela Monaghan

Well done Anna, you are amazing. Love Angela and Chris xxx


Sara Browne

Wish it could be more. Well done on your fundraising X


Nikki Pinchbeck

So very sorry to hear about your mum, thinking of you all xx


Tina Sanderson


Tina Sanderson

“Go Anna Go“, I’m jogging along with you 😂


Karen Nesling

Well done Anna, you are half way there - a great achievement xx


Charlotte Wright

So proud of you and your wonderful parents through all of this! Love from us all xx


Sharon Wright

Good luck with your challenge, love and hugs to you all. Xxx


Alex And Matt

Sending you lots of love and hugs at this difficult time. xx


Tor Rutter

Well done Anna. Thinking of you all xx lots of love xx



Thinking of you all darling love you all xx


Lou Lou And Family X

Sending all our love xxxx May you continue to make beautiful memories to cherish xxxxxx


Sarah Thompson

Well Done Anna x


Stephanie Muscatt (head)

So sorry to read your mums story! Thinking of you all! Good luck with your running!


Michelle Hurley

Sending love and hugs to you all. Good luck with the running Anna! Xx


Lesley Anderson

Lots of love Anna xx


Joelle Rabelle

Sending lots of love to you and your mum & cheering you on for your challenge xx


Helen Eddowes

Good luck Anna ❤️


Michael Figures


Jennie Freestone

This is amazing Anna, I'm sure you will smash it! Love to you all x


Stephanie Carrasco

Good luck Anna and well done to you xx


Carole Macaulay

Good luck Anna, with your determination & drive I know you will achieve your goal. Love & big hugs to you all xx


Jayne Eveson

You'll smash it, Anna x



Well done lovely xxxx


Janet Wilkinson

Good luck lovely lady Big hugs x


Kirsty Stephenson

I hope you achieve your target for such a worthy cause


Stacy Gay

Sorry to hear about your mum. Good Luck with your challenge.X


Katy Winsor

Well done Anna your a star.x


Michelle Michael

Good luck Anna xx


Mark Adams

Good luck Anna


Lee Ellison

You go girl ❤️


Claire Fallon

Wishing you lots of luck for every step Anna. With love, Claire Xx


Victoria Fionda

Sending you lots of love Anna You are amazing


Claire Field

Sending much love and best wishes to you, your mum and your family x


Heather Larsen

Well done Anna.keep going. You’re amazing xx



Good luck with your goal .


Miss Nicola Macleod

Thinking of you all xxx


Verity Cox

Sending love and hugs


Sophie Flower

Thoughts and hugs to you and your family xx


Brett Sanderson

Lots of love to you Anna xx Brett


Oliver Sanderson

Anna, it’s Oliver! The computer whizz kid! We love you Anna xxx


Lynne Ecclestone

Hi Anna, I'm so sorry to hear you are losing your precious Mum. My donation though small is sent with love from one daughter to another who adores her Mum, I feel your pain, bless you all. Take care. Xx


Nicki Hewitt

Good luck Anna my thoughts are with you, your kids and your lovely mum and dad ❤ xx